Sunday, April 7, 2013

Goldie Bush Walk

Nothing too exciting going on here other than the search for my replacement, some first steps (literally), and Daylight Savings Ending. It is Fall here. I'm already loving the sun in the mornings again, but the air has taken on a frigid tone that makes me remember that I can't have an endless Summer.
Over the weekend I met up with some girlfriends, did some babysitting and went on another hike. It was only 8.2km, but it was a tough, stair-master, rock-climbing, stream walking (practically swimming), mud on my butt sort of 8.2 km. And wonderful!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bit more hiking

  Instead of going away for the weekend, as originally planned, I decided to do a "catch up and hike" weekend. About eight hours and 20+ miles, plus a few seriously sessions of travel planning, and skypeing with all my favorite people and I had a weekend to make me happy. Oh also I had an amazing duck dinner at St. Heiler's Bistro and Cafe - seriously amazing.
 Friday I hiked Okura which is on the west side of the harbour on the North Shore. Saturday I re-hiked Te Henga and survived with only goss scratches and wet, wet feet due to the rain. Sunday I laid back with a family dinner. Monday the Warriors won (finally!), while I babysat.